Our Strength

50,000 Sq feet of factory floor Space.
In-house Spinning, Dyeing, Printing, Weaving, Cutting, Stitching, Finishing and Packing facilities.
Showroom with extensive product display in Noida, Expo- -Mart and Karur.
Design studio and Merchandising Team in Noida & Karur.

Our Strength : Infrastructure

6,000 Yarn Making Spindles.
01. 4 Cone Dyeing with 120 Tones dyeing capacity with approved ETP plant.
02. 8 Rapiers and 2 Somet with Bonus Jacquard and 35 Auto Looms in Contract which produce 75,000 Meters per month fabrics.
03. 100 Single needle Lock stitch sewing machines in-house and 150 on Contract.
04. 5 Fabric Cutting machines.
05. 10 Auto Thread trimming machines.
06. 4 Slitter Professional Pressing equipment with Industrial Steam Boiler System.
07. In-house Lab with all testing equipment for fabric and colour fastness.
08. One Metal Detector Machine.
09. One Automatic Fabric checking and rolling machine


Expertise since 1932.
Factory located in Karur, Tamil Nadu, India. India
Production capacity 600,000 pcs / month

Santh Exports had the infrastructure of dyeing capacity a minimum of 40 Kgs Lots to maximum 200 Kgs Lots, Both the Hank and Chess Dyeing is done in our own dyeing cabinet. We employ eco-friendly effluent treatment processes using Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants in our dyeing units.
The Total production of the units is 750 Bundles per Day.

Our Weaving Unit comprises of 8 high-speed automatic wider-width looms of 135-inch with a production capacity of 48,000 meters per month with in-house warping and cone winding facility. We also have contracts with more than 500 handlooms, power looms, and jacquard looms which adds to our strength.
Our quality of weaving machinery are Rutici, Rapiers and Air Jet Looms were used. Our one month production capacity is around 2,00,000 meters.

We have a wide working area of 25000 sq.ft of working space and are capable of handling bulk orders successfully with the help of 55 imported, high-end sewing machines with a dedicated Lay - Cutting facility and an Online Inspection Team maintaining stringent quality standards.
Stitching of made-ups done in domestic stitching units which are equipped with manual and power operated sewing Machines ranging 200 to 250 are used.

Checking of the Fabrics and Made ups done in the manufacturing site by skilled checkers and quality control chart in maintained to control defects in further productions. Quality fabrics are delivered to stitching time bound manner in our uniqueness.
Each and every stage of production is monitored and scrutinized well in time for effective high quality finished product. As per the international requirement each and every carton is packed and filled with the mix and match of the specified products as per their client requirements.